God’s Love is Never Ending: Day Four in Review

These past few days at Maker Fun Factory have been so amazing! It is clear to see that our campers have grown so much in their faith. Our Bible Buddy for today was Skyler, a bird that reminds us that we can’t measure God’s love because it is infinite! Continue reading “God’s Love is Never Ending: Day Four in Review”


Day Four: God will always love you.

Tuesday’s lesson of “God is for you,” and Wednesday’s lesson of “God is always with you,” can be sewn together with today’s theme of “God will always love you.” God is for you and God is always with you because God will always love you. Continue reading “Day Four: God will always love you.”

God Never Leaves Your Side: Day Three in Review

We are already halfway through our week at Maker Fun Factory! Time is flying by and the kids are learning so much. Our Bible Buddy today was Bubba, a whale who reminds us that even though we may not always see God, He is right beside us. God is always with us. Continue reading “God Never Leaves Your Side: Day Three in Review”

Day Three: God is always with you.

Many people feel the need to handle their problems themselves and we don’t want to be reliant on others. Maybe that’s why it is so hard for us to trust in God.

You hear that “God is always with you,” so many times growing up that it seems more like a cliché than a crucial truth. Continue reading “Day Three: God is always with you.”