The Next Generation: Skits of VBS

An integral part of VBS at St. Mark has always been the skits. Though the actors have changed over the years, the level of goofiness and godliness remains the same. Continue reading “The Next Generation: Skits of VBS”


Meet Julie Parrish!

Julie Parrish is no stranger to VBS, but this is her first time helping at St. Mark! She leads the kids through music each day with the help of middle school volunteers Hannah, Abby, and Morgan!

The following is a Q&A with Julie about her VBS experience!

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Meet Matt Himes!

Seminarian Matt Himes is the leader of our Bible Blueprint station. Each day he helps the kids get a grasp on the Bible story in a way that is kid friendly and sticks with them, or what he calls, “yoga of the mind.”

The following is a Q&A about Matt’s experience with VBS.

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